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We can customize your Vintage Mini Racer to your taste with accoutrements that add authenticity and vintage flair beyond our standard package.  Standard package and custom options are:

Instrument Panel Treatments:
  • Standard: No instrument panel 
  • Custom Options: The sky is the limit to fit your Racer model.  Consult with factory.
  • Standard: Imitation grain vinyl in black, camel, brown or red  
  • Custom Options: Leather, buffalo leather or other exotic materials available.  Consult with factory.
Floor Treatments:
  • Standard: Heavy duty rubber
  • Custom Options: Carpeting to match interior, Wood laminate or real wood floor treatment. Consult w/factory.
Steering Wheels:
  • Standard: Black grip steering wheel with Vintage Kart Company center cap 
  • Custom options:  Simulated wood or authentic natural hardwood in black, natural or mahogany with VKC brand cap 
Leather Hood Straps: 
  • Standard: No Leather Hood Straps
  • Custom Options: Metal buckle and belt leather hood straps in black, brown or camel colors
Hub Spinners:
  • Standard: No hub spinners
  • Custom Options:  Raw aluminum or Anodized to match Racer color palette 
  • End Caps:  Consult with factory on custom end caps to match
Hood Ornaments:
  • Standard: No Hood Ornament
  • Custom Options:  Vintage Kart Company ornament or Authentic replica brand ornament12-
12-Volt System:
  • Standard: No 12-Volt system or battery
  • Custom Options: Electric start option and full head light, brake light & tail light system to match model
Branding items:
  • Standard: Heirloom branded plate with VKC serial, chassis number and race commemoration, if any
  • Standard: Polished brand logo on grill